About Rugby’s Golf Club

Rugby’s Golf Club’ (RGC) is an events organisation formed by Tony Richards, Charity Fundraiser and former top-flight rugby player in the amateur days, Nick Jones, veteran of the Advertising and PR Business and avid rugby fan and golfer, together with Ian Robertson, the BBC’s renowned rugby correspondent as Club Captain and the one and only Jason Leonard OBE as President.

Other events include an England v Wales match at St Pierre Golf and Country Club, Chepstow, a match against cricket’s charity, The Lord Taverners at Sandmartins Golf Club Wokingham and two special events at John O’Gaunt Golf Club, Bedfordshire and our final event at Royal Birkdale, Southport. In each case, golfers (men and ladies) of all ages and standards are invited to participate, and in some events play with a rugby ‘legend’ as a member of their team.

Many former, well-known rugby players have signed up as club members, including Jason Leonard, Roger Uttley, Phil de Glanville. Gavin Hastings, David Trick, Shaun Perry, Mark Regan, John Hall, Jamie Salmon, Tom Shanklin, Matt Perry, Peter Scrivener, Matt Banahan, Mike Roberts – and others continue to swell our ranks.